Mobile Time Attendance

Time Attendance Software is a solution that allows companies to capture the TIME IN & TIME OUT of their employees. The attendance information can be useful for HR managers where staff performance and benefits can be reviewed.

The attendance information can be uploaded into the Payroll software to compute salary and overtime components, thus speeding up payroll processing.

eOpenSoft web-based Time Attendance System is a cloud solution where attendance data captured by the biometric devices (these are fingerprint readers where employees scan their fingerprints to perform a CLOCK IN and CLOCK OUT action) are being uploaded to a central server.

Staff attendance information can be accessed, tracked and analysed on a real-time basis. As a result, company management can have powerful insights of the workforce productivity.


Generate attendance report by department level and individual employee basis
Highlight instances where working hours has breached labour regulations
Query by date and period to view lateness history of employee
Generate report showing working hours of all staff
Generate staff movement report
Tally attendance data with staff leave application (require e-Leave Module)
and so on.